Research Recommendation Report
Research Recommendation Report Description Grade Description
Proposal Write a proposal for your research project in order to gain approval.
The proposal should include a Summary, Introduction, Proposed Program
and other sections included in the project description.
Professionalism (10 pts)
Comprehensiveness (10 pts)
Accessibility (10 pts)
Status Report Write a status report on the progress of your research project. It should
include sections such as Results of Research and and Updated Schedule
For more details, reference Chapter 12.
Honesty (10 pts)
Accuracy (10 pts)
Professionalism (10 pts)
Rough Draft 1 Compile all your research results and recommendations into a rough draft.
The drafts should be completed and ready for peer review. After peer review, revision
and editing should take place to prepare for Rough Draft 2.
Completion (20 pts)

Rough Draft 2 Complete a second rough draft for your research project. This draft will
also be peer reviewed. This is the last draft before the final report is due. This
draft should be revised, edited, and proofread as many times as necessary.
Completion (20 pts)

Final Report This is the final copy of your research recommendation report. It should be
fully revised and edited. The report should include all required sections, have
all citations and sources and any necessary images or diagrams.
Honesty (10 pts)
Clarity (10 pts)
Accessibility (15 pts)
Comprehensiveness (15 pts)
Accuracy (15 pts)
Conciseness (10 pts)
Professionalism (10 pts)
Correctness (15 pts)
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